Credit Suisse Energy Summit

Carbonvert has been selected to participate in the Credit Suisse Energy Summit, taking place in Vail, CO on February 26 - March 1, 2023.

The conference brings together companies spanning classic and clean energy sectors. Carbonvert is available for 1x1 meetings to discuss the company’s:

  1. Project origination and development for engineered and nature-based projects
  2. Creative project financing for capture, transportation, and storage
  3. Tax credit and voluntary markets program design and monetization

Carbonvert expects to sequester millions of tons annually and is actively building markets for the voluntary offsets we will create. We are ready to discuss accelerating your company’s pathway to net zero.

Carbonvert attendees include Alex Tiller (CEO), Brent Kelsall (CFO), David Heikkinen (Head of Environmental Markets), Byron Blankenhorn (VP of Environmental Markets), and Charlie Losche (Director of Environmental Markets). If you are attending the conference, request a 1x1 meeting.

About Carbonvert:

Carbonvert is a Project Development & Finance Company that simplifies decarbonization for our clients through Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS), Atmospheric Removal, and Nature-Based Projects. We help clients meet their sustainability goals while unlocking additional value through tax credit compliance and voluntary offset markets.