Bayou Bend CCS

Bayou Bend CCS

Bayou Bend is a 20+ MMPTA CO2 capture, transport and storage hub in southeast Texas that combines offshore and onshore acreage to serve Port Arthur, the Houston Ship Channel and surrounding region. Carbonvert was instrumental in securing the offshore lease alongside Talos Energy, and in detailed project planning and permitting applications. In August 2023, Carbonvert transitioned its ownership stake to Equinor.


The remote offshore location minimizes the risk of freshwater contamination, reducing liability for harm and ensuring the safety of people, property and wildlife.

A Major Impact:

Bayou Bend is strategically positioned to affect environmental change, with more than 35 Mtpa of CO2 emissions in the Port Arthur region and an overall anticipated storage capacity of 1 billion metric tons.

Bayou Bend CCS
Port Arthur, TX
  • 40,000 acres of Offshore storage and ~100,000
  • 8,000 ft below ground miocene saline formations for permanent sequestration