Wyoming Trails Carbon Hub

Wyoming Trails Carbon Hub

With a total of $5.5 million award from the US Department of Energy across two projects, the overall program will also serve as a roadmap and open-access resource for future carbon management and infrastructure developments.

Key to Wyoming’s sustainability goals:

The Wyoming Trails Carbon Hub is a key component of the state’s pursuit of being the first fully carbon-negative state, and working to support a sustainable energy supply for Wyoming and its neighbors.

Future-Forward Carbon Hub:

The Wyoming Trails Carbon Hub aims to address our net-zero economy challenges by developing forward-looking plans and supporting greenfield projects that can manage our carbon now and into the future.

Wyoming Trails Carbon Hub
Sweetwater County, WY
  • $5.5 million total award from U.S. Dept. of Energy award
  • Will provide a desktop FEED study on an open access, common carrier CO2 pipeline system with nominal capacity of 25 MtCO2/yr
  • Will build the business case and feasibility study for >45 MtCO2/yr capacity system
  • Transport and storage infrastructure

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DOE Award